Spray, mousse or gel: which is the best hair finisher?

To make any hairstyle or hair more perfect, it is important to know and know when to use each of the hair finishers. The function of the finishers is to help give a final effect to the hair, be it creating volume, defining curls , fixing hairstyles or helping to make the strands more organized.

Spray, mousse and gel are the best known, however, there is also a wide variety among them, some of which even have more than one purpose.

According to Regina Valente, hair stylist at Studio Über in São Paulo, the finishers can be used for the most diverse functions. “They help to untangle the threads, to define and, as the name says, to finish the hairstyles”, he sums up.

Leave-in is among the most used finishers. “The rinse-free ones are preferred by women and men who use them in order to make their hair smoother or to define curls”, explains Rhafael Trindade, hair stylist at The Spa. Fixative spray, ointment, silicone, among others are also cited by Regina as the most popular.

How to use each type of hair finisher

Knowing how to use each type of finisher can help you make your hair more beautiful. In addition, many of the products have more than one purpose and, knowing them, helps to have more functional and versatile products. For this, with the help of the hair stylist, the following is a list of the main finishers, their functions and how to use them.


Function: the mousse shapes the hair for styling, helping to tame the strands when making the brush or babyliss. The product also helps to give volume both for those who want to do a hairstyle and for those who want to define the curls.

How to use: this cosmetic should be used while the hair is damp. To define curls, apply and then knead the hair with your hands and let it dry naturally or dry it with a diffuser. To help with volume, use it before the brush, applying through the hair from the middle to the ends.

Function: one of the most traditional finishers, the gel is responsible for fixing hairstyles and leaving the hair in place. “The gel is one of the oldest products and, even today, it is possible to make use of it with a multitude of hairstyles, from the right dress all the way back, even to shape the sides to make a mohawk, with wet effect, or dry ”, explains Regina. There are several types of gel, and may have products with strong, medium or weak fixation.

How to use: when the hair is clean, the fixation of the gel will be better. Apply the product on your fingertips and spread it on both hands to distribute it evenly over the strands. The hair must still be damp for a better effect of the product. After spreading the product over the hair, style it until it is the way you want it. Remembering that the gel has a hard finish and, after drying, your hair will not be malleable. Visit this link to gain more ideas: Best Mousse for Curly Hair

Fixative Spray

Function: the fixative spray is ideal for keeping the hairstyle firm and tidy for a long time. There is also variety in fixation: light, medium and strong. "The stronger, the harder the hair will be and also the firmer the hairstyle will be," says Regina. If you have thin hair, you can choose from one of three fixings. For those with thicker hair, the ideal is to give preference to medium or strong fixatives. If the hairstyle is loose, the tip is to prefer the lightest fasteners. You can also use the fixative spray to eliminate frizz and to make your hair more full-bodied. Most fasteners do not damage the wires.